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"My first phone conference with Mary enabled me to look forward for that time & the season after Daniel’s preschool. Before contacting Mary, I feared that Daniel would regress instead of progress in his development because he’s not in preschool anymore. I also dreaded having to figure out what to do with Daniel throughout the day at home when his preschool program came to an end. From Mary, I learned that ABA Behavioral Therapy is an effective, practical way to teach Daniel at home, and a way to prepare Daniel for kindergarten level and beyond. Therefore, Mary is showing me how to homeschool Daniel—yay!! I find her program(s) to be very do-able at home, beneficial, and not overwhelming.

What I appreciate about Mary is her holistic approach in her programs and consulting. Mary is not locked into a therapist’s perspective (only focused on one part of the big picture), but sees the person as a whole—combined with having a parent’s perspective. Mary does not focus only on ABA Behavioral therapy. She also suggests other ideas and methods as needed in helping our kids with autism. She’s addressed things I wasn’t aware of. For example, she’s opened my eyes to the GFCF diet and suggested activities I could do w/ Daniel at home that would promote his neurological development. Mary has also recommended some Occupational Therapy activities, and resources that could help promote reading. When later finding out that ABA Behavioral Therapy can typically cost $15,000 to $80,000 per year, I’m amazed at what Mary charges. Her fees are VERY affordable, like at a minimal co-payment level.

Mary is very prompt in responding back to emails—she gives her input/comments/suggestions in a timely manner. She is very approachable and is effective in communicating. I feel comfortable in talking and sharing with her. Through Mary’s help and guidance, I have a greater understanding of ABA Behavioral Therapy. If it wasn’t for Mary, I wouldn’t have been able to fully understand ABA’s techniques and purposes, or even how to correctly do ABA Behavioral Therapy at home—even after reading a book on ABA myself. I feel empowered by Mary. I realize I don’t need to depend on therapists to teach and work with Daniel in his Autism condition. I can help my child succeed too.

Mary has been a tremendous support to us--- especially when it’s challenging to find ANY homeschooling families of preschoolers who have special needs in our area. I would say that Mary is my mentor—my “Big Sister” in the Autism journey. It’s nice to know of someone who has a child with a similar condition as Daniel, has gone ahead in the autism journey, and is showing me how to go through my own journey. Mary alerts me ahead of time of what to be aware of, what to do next, etc… Mary has shown me the big picture of how ABA Behavioral Therapy and other things come into play, and help Daniel in his autism—and what to focus on every step of the way.

I feel Mary has shown me a lot of light. She’s like a beacon of light to us—bringing light and guidance into Daniel’s autism condition. She’s always given me hope & lots of encouragement in homeschooling Daniel through her comments and sharing. Before knowing Mary, I felt heavy, no hope, clouds over me on Daniel’s condition—that it’s something not acceptable and needs to be fixed. After my first phone session w/ Mary, I sensed clouds lifting up. I now see lots of light & hope on Daniel’s condition.

At the Regional Center and Daniel’s preschool, I was constantly “reminded” of Daniel’s disabilities as the staff focused on them, showing me the the great need & urgency to “fix” his disabilities. The therapists would point out Daniel’s speech delay, sensory defensiveness, etc. & needing to work on them. I wasn’t able to fully embrace & accept all things of Daniel and his autistic tendencies until he completed preschool, and we started Mary’s programs at home. I’m now able to embrace Daniel’s autistic side instead of shunning it away or always trying to fix things. Mary has helped me fully grieve, and then accept & love Daniel for who he is & just as he is.

Daniel has progressed since we’ve started ABA Behavioral Therapy at home—with Mary’s guidance. His tantrums are shorter. He pays more attention and looks at people more often than before. His repetitive behaviors are now much less. Daniel also seems to imitate/copy more from people and songs. He now looks at me more immediately when I call out his name in public (before, it was a 50% chance Daniel would look at me).

I'm amazed at the great insight and wealth of knowledge Mary has on children with Autism—and her heart to want to pass it on/teach to others. Mary’s service and ministry is definitely one-of-a-kind—and so needed. We are VERY GRATEFUL to Mary, her heart, and what the Lord has done in her & through her in guiding & encouraging many families & children w/ Autism. I can’t imagine what our lives would be without Mary at this time… God is definitely GOOD!"
Lisa S. - California

"Thank you so very much.....that was the best advice on potty training I've ever read.  I have a 15 year old and a 10 year old...yet, I'm finding life with a 3 year old with Autism a whole new experience...nothing is the same as it was with the other two.  I thank and appreciate people like you who care enough to share and care about people like me who just need a little help to get us through."
Michelle O'Connell - Australia

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